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My Daily Practice

With all that is happening in the world around us, committing to a consistent daily practice can help so much, now more than ever. Below are 4 things I do every day no matter what to bring me into balance and alignment...

  1. Meditation & Grounding I commit to 2-10 minutes of grounding meditation and breathing each morning (we can all find 2 minutes if we make the commitment!). Whenever I can, I do this outside with my feet on the ground and really feel myself grounding into Mother Earth. For my meditation, I love the Insight Timer app because I can set my timer with ambient sounds and interval bells, but some other great apps are Calm, Headspace, Waking Up, and I recently checked out Healthy Minds, which is a mindfulness and well-being app created by the Center for Healthy Minds at the University of Wisconsin - Madison (my alma mater).

  2. Bringing Myself Back to Present When we are anxious, our minds are often residing in the uncertain future. Because the future is more uncertain than ever, this can be all-consuming for some. Coming back to the present moment, feeling the breath on the inhale and exhale, and focusing on what the five senses are experiencing in this NOW moment can really help. Also, for me, I try to take things one week at a time. Not worry about next month or next year, just today and the week ahead. This has been HUGE for me.

  3. Moving My Body Whatever exercise or movement feels good for you. We all know the many mental, emotional, and physical benefits of exercise. It doesn't have to be a traditional class or a sport; walking in nature or trying out Qi Gong are wonderful ways to move your body.

  4. Drinking Lots of Water It's one of the best things you can do for your overall health. It maximizes your performance and significantly affects your energy levels and brain function. I try to drink half my body weight in ounces daily. And when I don't hit that goal, I feel it.

Some others things I try to do daily include journaling, affirmations, and prayer. All of these practices help me stay calm, centered and balanced so that when challenging circumstances come my way (and they inevitably do in life), I can weather the storm with much more ease, grace and patience (with myself and others). Much love to you on your daily practice journey!

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