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Thanks to the village

Last week was the end of the school year here in NY, and my son was (and still is) really sad because he’s going to miss his teacher so much. One night he was in tears at bedtime about it, and I was thinking how grateful I am for his teacher this year, and for everyone who has supported and cared for both my children along the way. It got me thinking that it really does take a village. So many people outside our immediate family who support us in the days and years of our lives. People who want to give, help, foster and love us. It can come to our lives in big ways – wonderful teachers who give all of themselves for an entire school year – and in little ways – the woman who saw me reading all the labels in the grocery store and mentioned that her daughter grew out of most of her food allergies, and that it does get easier. It makes me realize that there’s just SO MUCH GOOD in people. So much love to give. Especially during this past year when we’ve all been challenged in countless ways. And because of this, I’ve made a couple new commitments to myself, and I hope you will, too:

  1. Even more, I’m going to lead with kindness, care, compassion and support and be of service to others on their journey.

  2. I’m taking extra time to express gratitude for those people who love, serve and support me and my family in a million different ways, on a million different days.

Thank you for all the ways you have supported me in my work. It fills my cup.

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