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I owe my new calmer self to Anne! After the passing of my mother, me being a mother of 2 children and a wife, my life seemed to feel depleted. I reached out to Anne for help with my lost purpose in life and with her incredible skills she brought me from the lowest of lows to a place in my life I haven't been in awhile. She truly has a gift!

–Amanda, CT

"I have had the pleasure of working with Anne during a very difficult, transitional period in both my professional and personal life. Anne provided me with incredible and effective coaching tools that I continue to utilize daily with significantly positive results. Anne is incredibly intuitive and sensitive in her approach, which provides actionable and effective solutions. The power of positive attraction is real and works in my life now!! She lifted me up and dusted me off and helped me realize my full potential as a professional. Whether you're looking for personal or professional growth I would highly recommend Anne to everyone for her help and guidance."

–Peter, CA

"I am a mother of two young kids and I am here to tell you Anne Pawlowski is nothing short of amazing. She has been a source of strength and guidance for me during times of high anxiety (from being overwhelmed as a mother to being prone to anxiety and panic attacks) as well as everyday issues of uncertainty. Her guidance is full of knowledge and an innate connection to the human soul. Anne gives me a safe space to explore my feelings of panic and insanity, and helps guide me to the other side. I come out feeling clearer, stronger and more confident than ever before."

–May, NY

"From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for working with me these past weeks.  You truly were able to teach an “old dog” new tricks!  You provided me with the valuable tools that now enable me to see my life from an entirely new perspective.  No longer is my glass half empty.  Rather I am able to identify the many blessings  which have been given to me, and to feel grateful for every one.  I am able to monitor my thoughts and mentally turn negative outcomes into positive ones.  I am also better able to focus my thoughts, to “see” the positive outcome I would like, and to plan the achievement of that outcome.

You are not only an excellent coach, but a truly wonderful and compassionate person. I always felt as if I were your only student because you took the time and energy to give me such individual attention.  I heartily recommend  your Life Coach approach to anyone seeking a more positive and rewarding approach to life!"

–Janet, FL

"Anne is amazing! She listens to you, and she provides constructive ideas to help you in whatever capacity is needed. Anne is incredibly kind, patient, and present. The moments spent with Anne are moments well spent!"

–Katherine, NY

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